Attitude Analysis: Sexual Harassment

The topic of my attitude analysis was sexual harassment on the street.  The specific attitude i was targeting was the belief that sexual harassment is normal. I think this attitude is mainly cognitively based and is reinforced via operant and classical conditioning. Therefore i was targeting  the cognitive and affective base. I did this using fear/empathy arousing communication and the peripheral route to persuasion. My target group were males from the age of 14 to 17.

Many people who have the attitude that sexual harassment is normal think that everyone else believes that too and take it to be a fact. By showing them that sexual harassment is in fact a big deal (news articles) I will shock them into accepting that we really do have a problem on our hands. I will then introduce them to ways in which they can contribute and help to put an end to this problem. I will also make sure to relate sexual harassment to the women in their own personal lives so as to make the issue more relevant to them and help them feel empathy.

This videos not only aims to make the boys aware of how serious the problem is, but also tell them that they have the power make a difference. Using Zimbardo’s psychology of heroism, I tell them how people like them can be heroes in their own lives, simply by not staying quiet in the face of evil. They are taught that in order to be a hero they must not be afraid to deviate from the norm and stand up for what’s right, even if no one else is. An emphasis is placed on their personal responsibility, thereby reducing the effects of deindividuation and diffusion of responsibility in public places.



2 thoughts on “Attitude Analysis: Sexual Harassment

  1. I have to admit that the first thing that grabbed my attention is the background music! I feel it is very suitable for the issue you are targeting and at the same time makes the audience more attentive to your message! Using headlines from newspapers is a very good way to show that, as you said, it is not a minor issue. Great job 🙂

  2. I really liked how you related the belief that sexual harassment is “normal” and the negativity of people. Relating them to each other is actually giving you the space to target 2 different groups: first the actual harassers and second, the negative observers whom might start blaming themselves for the harass that they did not act upon.
    The video is surprising. It’s so sad that all those news headlines are just about this issue! And if only seems to flourish even more rather than minimize. I think that gathering all those headlines in 1 video might give harassers an overview of what their actions contribute to. And maybe, they’ll really start thinking that it is NOT normal.. They might begin abiding to the injunctive norms rather than the descriptive. They might start thinking that it is still unacceptable even if EVERYONE do it!

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